Montpellier, France, June 8, 2020 – On June 4, 2020, Professor Boris GUIU and his team at Montpellier University Hospital (France) successfully treated a 56-year-old patient with liver tumor using Quantum Surgical’s medical robot. Quantum Surgical, an innovative surgical robotic company founded in 2017, developed its robot in record time thanks to a highly talented and experienced multidisciplinary team. This device, a combination of powerful software and robotic platform, assists the physician in performing safer, more efficient and less invasive oncology treatments. Through Quantum Surgical’s device, Professor GUIU was able to plan the procedure on the patient’s 3D images and then perform the intervention with high precision, guided by the robot. This world premiere was accomplished as part of a clinical trial that is being carried out in three University Hospitals in France. “This first thermoablation with robotic assistance completely treated the tumor with an excellent margin. We couldn’t have done better. The patient is doing very well. He went home the very next day, ready to return to normal life,” explains Professor Boris GUIU, Interventional Radiologist, Head of the Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology of Saint Eloi (Montpellier University Hospital) “With this world premiere, Quantum Surgical is making a striking mark in the medical robotics industry and strengthening its ambition,” announces Bertin NAHUM, President and Founder of Quantum Surgical.

About Montpellier University Hospital

Montpellier University Hospital (France) carries out key missions such as care, teaching and research. This university hospital is the second biggest employer in the Occitanie South of France region, with around 11 000 hospital staff. Montpellier University Hospital supports the treatment of rare or complex pathologies. It records around 3,800 births, 40,200 surgical operations, 122,300 emergency admissions, 240,000 hospitalizations and 508,000 medical consultations per year. The hospital is fully equipped with around 2000 inpatient beds and 600 outpatient beds. More information on our website:

Quantum Surgical in a few words

Co-founded in 2017 by Bertin Nahum, Quantum Surgical is an innovative surgical robotic company based in Montpellier (France). Quantum Surgical’s robotic solution is a combination of powerful software and robotic platform for minimally invasive therapies in liver cancer. This platform combining robotics, image analytics, and artificial intelligence will allow more and more patients to benefit from safer interventional oncology procedures, especially in the case of early-stage liver cancers. The incidence of liver cancer in the population is, unfortunately, growing very rapidly. Liver cancer is one of the most common cancers with more than 800,000 cases each year in the world. Quantum Surgical is backed by leading global life science investment fund Ally Bridge Group since inception. Further information is available on our website: